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Sponsor a Hospitality Suite

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We want your home group to sponsor/host a hospitality suite time slot during the State Convention.

Fellowship at its finest happens in the hospitality suite, and your group has an opportunity to be a part of this great event right now!

2-3 hour time slots available for your home group to host the hospitality suite

Talk to your home group.  Slots are filling up fast.

To get more information or to sign your group up, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.  The Hospitality coordinator will reach out to you shortly.

Some details for your group:

Here are some recommendations for a successful hospitality suite sponsorship at the 70th Annual Texas State AA Convention in Austin:

  • Have your home AA group approve participation through group conscience.
  • Select a group contact (lead) and support contact (co-lead). The lead and co-lead will have direct contact with Convention Hospitality Suite co-chairs. (Evelyn B. and Lake W.)
  • Ask your group to participate in the event by bringing food during your time slot. You can consider a potluck or you can purchase all the food on behalf of your group.
  • If you elect to have a potluck please pass out a sign-up sheet during meetings and ask members to list what they plan to bring along with their contact information, i.e. phone and email.
  • We recommend you make it fun and create a theme for your time slot!
  • Ask members of your group to volunteer during the group’s time slot. Volunteers will help the lead contacts host the hospitality suite and service it during the group’s time slot.
  • Select a hospitality time slot. The time slot can be a 30-minute slot where snacks are served or a 2-3 hour slot where more substantial food is served.

*Note – The hospitality suite is not intended to replace breakfast, lunch, or dinner for all attendees.  It is intended to help our members feel welcome, give people a place to connect and allow them to nibble something tasty.

What if your group hasn’t signed up to bring much food?

We suggest that you ask your group conscience to possibly supplement participation by contributing funds so that the lead(s) of your group may purchase food if needed.  Examples:  Pizza, sandwiches, sweets, etc.

What will the Texas State Convention Supply for the Suite? 

The Texas State Convention will supply coffee with all condiments, cups, water, eating utensils, paper plates, and napkins.  If you want to supply your own, donations are welcome.

Get More Information

To contact our Hospitality Suite Coordinators please feel out the form below and someone will contact you shortly, thank you for your interest in being of service!
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